What is Conversion Rate Optimisation? (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization is a process of systematically increasing the rate of website visitors who take desired actions on the web, particularly convert into the actual customers or buyers. The systematic process which refers to CRO includes the movement of visitors through your site, the actual actions they take, and identification of factors which inhibit or stop the users from converting or following those desired actions.

The Concept of Conversion

The conversion concept refers to visitors/users completing goals of a site which may vary in size and shape. The term is commonly used in business website projects where people sell their products and/or services. There are two major conversions referring to the context including macro-conversions and micro-conversions.


Macro-conversions refer to the primary goal of business where the visitors convert into the buyers who take actual action to purchase the products and services. The specific actions of macro-conversion include requesting a quote for particular services, purchasing products directly from the site, and subscribing to certain services.


On the other hand, Micro-conversions refer to the actions taken by the users preceding the macro-conversion. These actions include sign-up for an account, sign up for the newsletter, commenting, and so forth. When a user adds products to the cart but hasn’t checked out & purchased, it’s still considered to be in the micro-conversion area.

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate can be defined as the number of times or percentage of users completing site goals on a given period of time with the site traffic and/or the number of sessions as the divider. The goals majorly refer to users converting to buyers or subscribers. For example, your business site had 100,000 visitors and 10,000 of them actually bought your products or services, then you get your conversion rate at 10 percent.

Conversion Rate Optimization Benefits

Conversion Rate Optimization is different from conversion optimization for search engine results (SEO & CTR). As you might have known that SEO’s conversion optimization specifically works on click-through rate based on an organic search result. The number of clicks versus the number of impressions will give you your click-through rate. CRO focuses on analysing what happens after a visitor has landed on your site, including their behavior and actions on your pages. Therefore CRO offers distinctive benefits including:

  • CRO is more dependable to generate a higher conversion rate which also means a better ROI for your business. SEO may generate more traffic but what truly can convert the potential customers into real buyers are in the CRO’s area.
  • Scaling up your business would be no problems with CRO as it generates more leads and keeps your customers engaged. By converting the visitors into an actual buyer, CRO allows your business to grow continuously.
  • CRO aims to capture and analyze the movements in your site. Studying lead behaviors would improve the user experience of your site and drive positive impression towards your business or brands.  
  • CRO contributes to your business website authority and enhancing trust towards your business. CRO will drive you to develop a professional, responsive, humanized, and personalized interface which is loved by most customers. Your site authority would be improved, aligned with your efforts to provide the best online services to your customers.



Conversion Rate Optimisation can help you produce a site that not only works better for your customers, but your lead generation and growth online. If you need more information on CRO, or need some insight into implementing it in your business, drop us an email! we’re more than happy to help!