The Crippling Problem With Leadpages & Clickfunnels in 2019

Clickfunnels & all in one website/marketing packages are perfect for one type of person. The lazy type of person who doesn’t do an analysis & investigation on their goals, and the steps it takes to get to that goal.

All in one solutions deliver a generic, one fits all approach, to meet the simplicity demands of users. No business is exactly the same, and neither is its goal. So why should the foundation of that be based on a template made to be marketed and sold to every person with an idea and a dream? The difference between a successful, even ludicrous online business is not just about knowing your customers and base business model, but how and why your online platform is designed and used the way it is.

This is an essential key concept and needs to be in your business Plan, your website depends on it.

If you want to know more about SEO (getting your pages & marketing funnels) ranked by Google in search results & not pay a cent for traffic, then you are going to want to build a distinct site. You’ll need to learn WordPress.

It’s easy to design & deploy WordPress-based sales copies, funnels, rich content & much more for your business that your audience will love.

Unfortunately, both Clickfunnels & Leadpages do not support digital marketing strategies holistically & it may be the reason your online business is dwindling.

Clickfunnels Was Dead On Arrival. Here's why

Don’t get me wrong, both products are excellent for quickly creating a funnel for short term results, but as Clickfunnels grows it is just going to get more difficult to create your funnel & make it stand out from all the other people using the same template as you.

Not to mention the effect of overexposure to the sites on your audience & their inherent security flaws for both you & your customers.

Clickfunnels by design do not rank and are seen in the eyes of Google & your audience as spammy & low-quality content. 

It’s easy to spot a Clickfunnels site from a mile away, and your audience is quickly becoming desensitized to their overused snippets & conversion strategies.

All the Google Adwords & Facebook Ad campaigns in the world will not help your brand stick out if it is just a carbon copy of everyone else’s marketing strategy. These strategies may yield results short term, but they do not scale with your business & it’s requirements.

Another spanner in the works for Clickfunnels is the presence of mySQL injection exploits in their codebase, opening up every one of their users to hackers and could seriously damage their business. 

Protecting against these types of attacks is super easy to implement. So much so that these types of attacks we’re mostly pronounced dead almost 10 years ago, as most sites protect against them with input sanitization.

We’re talking about personal information, potentially even credit card information, being freely accessible to hackers & data miners.

The better & much more secure alternative (not to mention free) is WordPress, alongside proven digital marketing strategies. In this Article, we will show you exactly how to do that, quickly & hassle-free.

Optimize your workflow & work smarter, not harder

A great deal of our time used to be spent doing pretty repetitive things like constructing landing pages from scratch, Content study & production, creating targeted email campaigns, keeping an eye on clients & their habits, and a whole lot more.

A lot of this hard work & difficulty in sticking out from the rest urged us to innovate & produce our own smart workflow that took less time to bring to market & had all the right traffic signals by design.

Here’s what you Want to Begin using for a faster & smarter way to make pages & captivating designs which rank well, grow your audience & convert more leads.

Where to Start

To begin with, you need a Digital Marketing Strategy that is hand tailored to your niche (niche is a fancy term for the market your business specializes in). In other words, do not jump into email advertising and landing page production without a solid plan that has your customers in mind at every step.

it’s very important you understand your audience and their behavior before you do anything.

Build The Website With WordPress

Focus more on learning a few WordPress basics, and learn how to construct a site from scratch which gets loads of organic traffic from Google. This may be built with code, or without, with a few easy & free plugins! 

Check out this youtube video for an excellent introduction to using WordPress.

Are you are the sort of person who does not like to code, does not like to waste time building numerous pages, and needs all of the essentials for your site asap? Installing The Elementor plugin or Divi plugin is your first step.

Use Email Marketing Sparingly

Use a free MailChimp plugin to capture email leads the non-intrusive way. Offer something of value to your customers in exchange for their email address.

It’s important to use email advertising sparingly & stick by privacy protection laws.

Use Push Notifications to keep your readers updated the right way

A far better way to keep clients coming back to a site or blog is to use push notifications from Google Chrome, Firefox & Safari. 

Your visitors then have the chance to be informed in a more straightforward manner when you release new content that will interest them.

Stay Relevant With In-Depth Site Content

Content is king. Make sure that your sites are regularly updated and are constantly providing unique & insightful knowledge.

Videos also work miracles in content & marketing, but make sure there is a voice over the video giving auditory keywords and information your customers (and Google search algorithms) will be looking for.

Name your videos accordingly with your advertising and marketing strategies and make sure it’s clear, succinct and contains real-world value.

Google is listening on your Youtube Videos and media, and it’s taking notes!

Polish your Website with On-Page Search Engine Optimization & Conversion Rate Optimization

Finally, audit your website using a free SEO auditing site, like Seoptimer & GTMetrix. You want to make sure your page is passing the Search Engine Signals with flying colors on each page you want to rank. Here are 3 common, yet simple fixes which can seriously enhance your rankings:

  1. Ensure that your Images have ALT tags and titles using your keywords in a human-like way thats super readable. Use LSI (Long Semantic Indexing) and make it unique! You can also use LSI in your content to boost it’s relevancy. LSI works by using the proper lingo in your articles to better engage readers & search engines.
  2. Your Website needs to be fast. Use a caching & CDN plugin such as Cloudflare & WP Fastest Cache. Serving your clients as fast as possible is essential. Optimize all images & make sure you aren’t wasting your users bandwidth on oversized images & assets.
  3. Make the most of the First Third of your website page. This is the prime spot in any site, it is also the first thing your customers see when they click through to your site. Make sure you’re getting your message across and leaving a call to action with additional, more in-depth information underneath. use internal links on these pages to articles you have on your website that back up your own claims.


Now you finally have the tools & information that you need, to quickly & easily produce websites & landing pages that rank well, grow organically & convert your audience more effectively.

Do not waste your time with clickfunnels or Leadpages as you won’t innovate or provide something of genuine value to caliber long-term leads & you put your data & your customer’s data at risk.

It’s super simple and fast to implement your funnels and marketing techniques online for free.