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neuracode acclelerated learning through bi directional Ai interfacing

Neuracode is an innovative, interactive application that applies artificial intelligence to the golden goose of being able to write information to the human brain without having invasive interfacing. We call it accelerated learning through optimization of general neurogenesis and the rate at which it occurs. The fundamentals behind this app, once refined, will change the world.

The concept behind this theory is the critical solution to a problem Elon musks funded venture would be viable for, aka its primary use, niche, and viability. Unfortunately, Elon’s device removes latency in neuronal processes using a smart bio-implant, surgically installed by a robot.

This method, however, doesn’t suit the lifestyle choices most of us live out. We are continually phasing out wired technology in favor of wireless technology. For over 100 year’s we have seen innovation, gradual improvements of 100 fold, accelerating at a logarithmic rate. That was to get to where we are today with existing technologies, but never ones that will leapfrog innovative technologies before those innovations have shipped.

With Neuracode, we keep that timeframe from researching to the consumer product. Still, we skip the time between wired, 1st Generation, Neuralink consumer products, before its release, and more so, before its transition to direct wireless connectivity.

But you already have almost zero latency when you interface with your brain. Your electrical impulses travel at an unfathomable speed of 119.8066667 m/s. The fastest data transfer to date is 5G, whose highest current bandwidth limit is 10 Gbit/s, which is the amount of data sent over one second, with the lowest latency possible of 1ms. The human brain performs one computation, one reaction to its input with a bandwidth rate of 60B/s (bytes per second). 

How optimal the input data is, is directly responsible for how efficiently you use your brain for every task.

Synapses form as soon as axons contact their target¹. 

They begin their extensive transformation process of converting “presynaptic axonal terminals and postsynaptic 

dendritic processes 

into specialized structures that allow the efficient transmission of signals across an extracellular space.” This expression is what throttles our application’s throughput of information,


  1. (Synapse Formation

Dan H. Sanes… Matthias Landgraf, in Development of the Nervous System (Fourth Edition), 2019)

Our Novel, Research, and Development workflows have allowed us to do what no one else has. We have achieved countless years of experience, research, and data collection, to the best understanding on a holistic level. It recursively refined our technology foundations, initial research, and development process, all of which helped mold how we thought about a solution to this grand problem. We investigate, study, learn, hypothesize, test, and validate holistically. It’s the only way you get the whole picture, and it’s the only way you can master something.

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