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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how can i use it to boost my business?

SEO is a field of digital marketing that’s focused on growing visibility in organic page results through search engines such as Google, Bing, & Amazon Alexa. SEO’s foundations revolve around both the technical and creative elements that make up getting websites to rank high, and thus in turn, increasing their traffic and sales. There are many aspects to Search Engine Optimisation, which are all constantly adapting and being tweaked by google each month! 

Keywords & Content need to be unique and informative, not to mention easy to read & engaging, for both the search engine bots & for your users! & on the more technical side, your website also needs a good link profile with other high ranking websites. SEO is not just about making the best engine-friendly website, its all about making websites that just work for your customers and are engaging!

Know your Internet Driven Customers

Just like conventional advertising, improving your visibility online begins with an understanding of your client’s behaviour. Think about how an Individual’s search behaviour changes throughout the buying cycle:



the client has an issue that needs to be fixed and will begin searching for possible solutions using broad search conditions online. For instance a potential customer for a plumbing business would search for ‘leaking faucet’ or even a question like ‘how to unclog a drain’.


the customer understands their issue and knows what they need, in this instance it would be a plumber. Their next searches would involve key words and phrases that best meet their needs. Customers will first use search keywords which have a place, product attribute or product type. In this example we assume the customer lives in sydney, Their search terms would be variations of ’Plumbers in my area’ or ‘Plumbers Sydney’.


the client is  ready to purchase, and usually knows where they will purchase from based off the information on the subject they have gathered through previous searches. In our example, if ‘ACME Plumbing’ answered these questions on their website, they would rank higher than others who didn’t. Doing this will without a doubt supercharge your website and in turn, your business.

Use keywords on Your Site

Keywords are the words or phrases that a client uses when they search for something online. For Example, ‘buy furniture’ and ‘where can i buy furniture online’ are both common keywords used to find furniture stores.

make sure the keywords on your site mirror the words used by clients when they hunt for your business. Add popular search phrases or questions & answers to your site. These words may be used in areas like page names, in articles or even the title & alt tags of the pictures you use.

Use keywords which are related to your company, location or services — whatever a client would use in an internet search engine may be regarded as a key word or phrase.

Hint: Be cautious to not overuse the same keywords. This may have a negative influence on your search engine optimization efforts. Ensure that your content nonetheless reads well and doesn’t sound spammy. Check out this article to find out how to best plan your keywords for SEO.

Refresh your webpage content frequently

Add fresh content to your site every week and update content in your own pages at least once every six months. This might be information about a brand new product or service you are promoting, a consumer narrative, new pictures, a blog post or eliminating content that’s no longer relevant.

Refreshing your articles promotes search engines to crawl your site more frequently. The more often they see it, the quicker they are they quicker your updated content gets indexed. Doing this will give yourself some serious search position advantages!

When determining a rank for your webpage, search engines look where other sites provide links to a webpage and your site as a whole.

But Beware, not all links are deemed equal. Links from highly trustworthy sites have more ‘weight’ than others. Normally, the more connections you obtain from respectable sites, the higher your site will rank. The more you Associate with spammy or poorly built sites, there’s more of a chance that your rank may be penalised. 

Also, Check this Article out on how to blog effectively for your business.

Don't overlook the Details

Meta Tags and page load speed play an important role in ranking high in search positions. More searches now happen on the mobile rather than a desktop computer, so it’s essential to have your website built for mobile in mind.

The website’s description, mobile friendliness, performance, social influence and unique content can help search engines determine how important your page is and also allow them to determine how they will rank your website. The more important and ‘niche’ your content is, the higher it’s going to be ranked.

Bear in mind, search engines may alter how they filter your articles (such as your descriptions) to create better search results. It is ideal to frequently update your website to stay relevant and stay on top of search results.