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Tips for Effectively Advertising your Business through Facebook

To advertise your business successfully on Facebook, you want to learn Facebook’s unique characteristics and the way it is different from other websites. Just as you wouldn’t run a radio ad on tv, you should not promote on Facebook in the same way you would market in a magazine or on your website.

Do not use Facebook for the 'Hard Market' or 'Hard Sell'. use it to connect with your audience the way they expect.

People today use & see Facebook as a fun social space where they talk to buddies, take a look at videos and photographs, and unwind. You need to join conversations and finally become a part of a community, rather than being a business or brand’outsider’ who tries to promote aggressively.

They might even post negative opinions about your business & overall could have a negative effect.

However, Joining groups & providing useful insight & information on your business’ topic, will give the audience a better understanding of your industry and what you do. This is known as becoming an Authority on a subject, and can greatly boost your business online.

Plan a Digital Marketing Strategy That Has a Clear Goal.

It’s important to have a definite goal & vision for using Facebook, and a strategy to get the most out of it. For example, a shoe store may decide that its intention is to increase sales made by Facebook by 10 percent in the next 6 weeks. Their approach could include:

  • Submitting a post two to four times a week regarding the specials or sales of the week
  • submitting a photo & a story, either daily or weekly, with your best customer, or most interesting customer & sharing their story in respect to your business.
  • inviting users to send photos of them in their new shoes, or encouraging testimonials in return for offers or discounts. This helps build your market trust

Setting a goal and strategy provides you direction for your Facebook marketing and a way to measure your achievement.

Add a Human Face & Voice to Your Business

Facebook users prefer to speak to other real people – perhaps not to an impersonal organisation or a bot. Whoever oversees your Facebook page must have the ability to compose in a voice which sounds real and likeable, using a style which suits your industry.

The same goes if you are planning to be active in Facebook Groups. It is essential to be insightful with your posts and content, give real world value to people searching for answers & to be relatable to your audience. For small business owners, it is best to join groups and provide insight on your own profile, to attract authoritative value to yourself & in turn your business.

Post & Update your Page Regularly

Unlike other standard forms of media (such as radio or tv), or alternative online media (such as websites), success in social media revolves around frequent, quality posts that provide quality information.


Research suggests that the average consumer spends a lot of time on Facebook (logging on up to 25 times a week if not more), and they need to realize consistently posting new content that piques their interest.

Many guides and online information recommend posting at least once per day, however, studies show the optimal metrics for successful & effective posts are posts that contain unique and interesting content.

It’s essential to research and experiment with how often your audience wants to hear from you, and what kind of topics they best react to. Quality content always trumps over quantity.

To identify which posting habits work best for your business, it’s best to use Facebook’s free insight tools.

This will show you what posts are getting good engagement and which ones aren’t. You can then tailor your future posts to follow the habits of previous successful posts.

Experimenting with posting strategies is important & can immensely boost your reach organically.

Make comments & engagement in your posting feel welcome

You want people to react to your articles or to post their own comments about your business or a subject that is of interest to you and them. When they post or message you, reply to their engagement swiftly – under 24 hours is best.

Slow responses & page activity will harm your customers’ willingness to interact with you personally, and they’ll see your page as irrelevant.

Facebook now has auto messaging bots that greet your customers automatically when they send messages, you can also automate a lot of Facebook messenger, but we don’t recommend this for the faint of heart or beginners.

Use Videos and Images in your posts

Images and videos are a significant part of Facebook’s allure. Use them regularly to keep your audience entertained and engaged. For example:


  • A shoe store can post pictures of new stock & specials
  • A builder or tradie can post progress pictures of their work
  • a personal trainer could share an educational video showing how to do a particular exercise or workout.

People like it if Facebook is fun, and  if it also provides something that they can’t get any other manner, it becomes an effective way to make your business stand out.


Research shows that giveaways and discounts would be the most popular reason to get a customer to follow and ‘Like’ a company’s Facebook page. Likewise, games and contests can be used to liven up your webpage & Facebook Page.


Facebook may also be used to disperse customer studies & surveys. If you do this, ensure you keep surveys brief, and supply a questionnaire link that consumers can click, ignore or share with their buddies.

Nurture your Social Media Relationships & Take Advantage of Facebook Groups

It takes some time to build excellent relationships with Facebook users, so take your time and be patient. Use your industry insight & expertise to provide content that is useful, and develop positive reinforcement for loyal clients to help build strong relationships.

As mentioned earlier, join Facebook groups that are related to your industry. For Example, an exercise supplements retailer could join groups relating to fitness & exercise. From there, they can grasp a firm hold and market authority though answering questions people post on demand.

Facebook Groups also have the added benefit of their outreach and posts not being “bottle-necked”, which is a big issue for traditional Facebook pages. 

This “bottle-neck” is put in place by Facebook to not spam users with content on their feeds, but to also make Facebook Paid Advertising more attractive to businesses. Facebook may block your post outreach by 90%, meaning only 10% of the people who liked your page would see your posts

This mechanism may seem cumbersome and demotivating for many businesses wanting to use Facebook as a flexible platform for marketing, but this is easily alleviated through making your mark through Facebook Groups & Communities.

No Group related to your industry? Start one! it’s a great way to solidify your brands authority for long-term returns.

Promote & Grow your Facebook Profile

use your business Facebook profile, encourage its use and embed it in your workflow so that your social media works hand-in-hand and synergizes with your other marketing methods.

Make sure you can lead your customers to liking your Facebook Page on all methods you use to sell, both physically and digitally. It gives you another contact point to your audience and makes it easier to analyze & identify their buying habits in relation to your business.


Use Official and third party analysis tools to better understand your audience

Facebook Insights can help paint a picture of the people who not only enjoy your Facebook Page but your website too. Once you know your audiences’ needs & wants, you are able to create posts and promotions to meet that demand.

As an example, if you’re a book shop that services clients of a variety of ages, but a lot of your social media audience are aged 18-25 years, your Facebook promotions should focus on novels suitable for that age category (whereas your physical in-store promotions cater to the broader audience). 

Or, if you’re an online vendor who physically interacts with your customers, you may have the ability to identify a clearer image of what they believe and feel by reviewing their habits, interests & demographics on Facebook.


 Keeping a pulse on your industry’s community has never been easier thanks to Facebook & Social Media. With these tips you should have a basic understanding of how to better leverage Facebook’s features so you can get the most out of it for your business.

Facebook is without a doubt an extremely useful and invaluable tool for any business, it’s all about how you use it, and how you apply it to your Business.

Don’t know where to start? drop us an email, we’re more than happy to help!