hyperboot free bootstrap 4 dark black theme

Introducing Hyperboot, the best looking responsive bootstrap 4 dark theme for your next project! Simply import the css or sass files into your project, and you’re good to go! This theme doesn’t have any dependencies, which makes setup super simple and fast, so you can build better user experiences, quicker.

Hyperboot is 100% free, and uses bootstrap 4 as it’s foundation, meaning all your current bootstrap 4 markup is fully compatible with this dark theme.

Why choose Hyperboot for your next Bootstrap 4 Project?

Dark mode, the final frontier. It’s sleek, sexy, minimal and functional, it’s less invasive and a much better user experience in comparison to light themes. Integrating dark themes in websites, mobile applications, admin dashboards and even WordPress blogs are becoming more and more popular each day. Due to the demand for UI designs that don’t hurt the eyes, bring clear benefits, all the while maintaining the user experience, your next project should definitely use a dark theme, and the best of them all is Hyperboot.

So what functional advantages does Hyperboot bring that other themes dont? Firstly, OLED screens on mobiles, computers and TV’s, individually turn pixels in the panel off when not in use, increasing energy efficiency. This happens when the color black is shown on the display [ #000000 or rgb(0,0,0) ] . The more black pixels shown in the design of your website or application, the more battery life the end user saves when using it. 

Another important aspect from a user experience side of using a dark theme over a light theme, is how light colors, especially at night, can strain and damage the eyes, and can even cause sleep irregularities from blue light exposure.

Hyperboot is the first fully featured and truly pitch-black
experience for your bootstrap projects and designs. Whether you use Hyperboot to create a WordPress theme template, a sexy new admin dashboard, a desktop application with a sleek dark design, or even a cross-platform mobile application that your users will
love. Hyperboot was designed from the ground up to be fast to implement, have
high performance and low footprint, alongside naturally supporting a rapid development workflow, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Hyperboot Key Features:

  • greater power efficiency and improved battery life when displayed on devices using OLED panels.
  • reduced eye strain and damage caused by blue light.
  • typography driven UI for a beautiful, fast and minimal user experience, yet ultra readable and easy to use by design.
  • Hyperboot Leverages a new Key Google Ranking signal in 2020, User Experience. Hyperboot has optimal mobile, tablet and desktop UI/UX built in, giving your next project an unfair advantage in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and ranking, even in difficult and over-saturated industries/niche’s.
  • Is fast, performant, and lightweight thanks to bootstrap 4’s architechtural semantics. Giving big advantages in loading times for SEO, and more importantly, an effective and delightful user experience, no matter what device your page is viewed on.
  • Hyperboot is released under the MIT license, you are free to modify, use and abuse to your hearts content.
  • This theme is a custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) designed for making admin themes and templates, drupal themes and templates, dashboards that look beautiful, basic websites and anyone needing responsive design and progressive yet novel functionality that just works out of the box on any Bootstrap 4 project. This download also includes the SASS file aswell for those that want to use sass.
    1. Download the free Bootstrap 4 dark theme template below. 
      ( you will unlock a link that will get your download but also show you an ad, please disable ad-blocker, so i can buy myself a beer and have the spark to keep improving and extending Hyperboot 🙂 )
    2. Import it into your project or website using a css stylesheet link, or import and complile the sass script
    3. That’s it! Now go out there and make black the new black with Hyperboot!
Complete your name and email to download the content
we will contact you seldom regarding cool new products and free themes and code!
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