Benefits of Blogging for your Business

There are always a vast variety of benefits for businesses which use blogs for promotion and digital marketing. A site can be an additional tool that isn’t just capable of attaining new clients but could also develop a dynamic community that exchanges advice, opinions, reviews and information about a business and its goods, standing and services.

Reaching new customers with content

Using a website as a vital component of a digital marketing strategy that provides you an opportunity to reach new clients, and also to present a new interactive platform to your existing customers.

Thanks to the nature of Social Media, your customers can share an experience with a community, which in turn presents opportunities to reach many more people. Also, the active and changing nature of a blog, which is constantly being refreshed and upgraded, helps achieve higher search result rankings, which in turn attracts new clients from search results.

Creating your brand's Persona

The private nature of blogging, and also the ability to generate online interactions and conversations allows a company to create and project a personality, or special traits, such as being revolutionary or focused on customer services.

Such characteristics, however, need to be defined and handled through clear planning to ensure consistency & flow over time.

Collecting feedback, reviews & customer insights

Blogs and reader comments are an integral source of information for your company enterprise and also for different subscribers and customers.

Reader comments, and especially customer opinions, provide immediate and comprehensive feedback in your company activities, services and products.

Favourable feedback provides confidence to additional potential clients, while negative comments gives you the opportunity to answer concerns, guard your product/services or review your business procedures.

Managing negative responses

Be ready for complaints and unfavorable comments, and do not respond adversely to real feedback. The way you answer criticism, notably in the conversation initiated by your website, is going to have considerable influence on the manner in which you are perceived with your followers and online community.

Complaints and bad feedback can pose valuable opportunities to amend products and services in a way that brings new fans and client dedication.

Tips for kick-starting a Blog for your Business

Create an action plan

Developing a simple to follow action plan is a substantial step to ensure your blog articles are enlightening, informative, and highly relevant to wider business targets, such as new product releases or the evolution of new solutions.

A blogging action plan also lets you find out suitable subjects beforehand, and devote time or resources to developing the material (that could include graphics, video or audio in addition to text).

You can easily schedule blog posts and find trending article topics using Google Trends to ensure you’re writing the right topics for your industry.

Integrate blogs with other marketing

Business sites work best when used together with other advertising tools, including other social mediums. Make sure to share your posts to kick-start traffic to your new entries.

Update your articles

Keeping your readers interested is dependent upon you using fresh, interesting and relevant articles. Social media users have told researchers that they need giveaways, discounts, invitations to events and product information from companies.

At the same time, be careful not to write blog posts which do nothing more than promote your business services and products – the most effective blogs both entertain and inform.

In addition, track news and developments in your wider industry, also consider interviews with industry experts as potential ‘starting points’ for blog entries that reveal how your business remains up to date.


Promote your site

When you finish your blog post make sure to promote it with other social media. Include a link to your new article in your main navigation menu & Facebook Page. Send emails to your customer base & let them know about your new content.


Bring readers

Blogs easily Let readers get updated via RSS (a feed that informs them when something has been upgraded on the site ). Readers might also be able to choose to get notifications via email whenever you update the site with a new article.


Assign responsibility

You need to appoint someone for the up-keep of your blog and moderating comments left on posts.

In a small business this might be the business owner. In larger companies this may be a communications supervisor or whole advertising department.

In most cases you want to offer training, tools and other types of service to make sure your business site achieve its desired results.


Blogs and content creation bring a wide range of benefits to businesses of all sizes and industries. It can help shape your Brand and image both online and offline. if you need help regarding blogging, feel free to drop a message, we’re more than happy to help!